Data Science Internship at LendUp

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For summer 2017 I’ll be working at LendUp, a FinTech startup in San Francisco. I’ll be doing very little astronomy June-Sept 2017, but I’ll get back into during fall 2017.

I’m excited to be at LendUp. It’ll allow me to gain more experience with statistics and modeling, while also having a more direct, personal impact than my astronomy research. I’m cautiously hopeful that they’ll live up to their mission of expanding access to beneficial lending products to traditionally underserved groups.

This will be the first of my 2 data science internships during my PhD — one this summer (2017) and one next summer (2018). Then, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be starting as a full-time data scientist in summer 2019. Best way to have a chance at getting me in 2019? Contact me about summer 2018 opportunities 😉