I’m a data and machine learning scientist at Microsoft, developing new ways to recommend online shopping products that a consumer might like. Previously I was an astronomer, receiving my PhD in May 2019 from UC Santa Cruz; before that I studied physics as an undergrad at MIT. During my summers in grad school I interned at [what is now] Mission Lane in 2017 and at Microsoft in 2018.

During my first two years of grad school, I worked with Prof. Mark Krumholz, studying the effects of supernovae explosions. I continued that work with Prof. Piero Madau, adding more complicated physics into our model (magnetic fields, turbulence, gravity, etc.).

Near the end of grad school I also worked with Prof. Alexie Leauthaud, using machine learning to identify low mass, low redshift galaxies in the Hyper Suprime Cam survey. This was been a fun challenge of applying Deep Neural Networks to a >100 TB image dataset.

As an undergrad at MIT (2010-2014), I used the Hubble Space Telescope, built experimental X-ray telescopes and devices, and worked with an international collaboration to track how trace gases move through our atmosphere.

Santa Cruz has been a great place to get outside the office. In my free time I run, hike, ski, garden and take pictures.